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PATUXENT Contractor Services / Construction Engineering


Construction Means and Methods

Demolition, Erection, Material Transportation, Worker Access


Crane Applications

Mobile, Crawler, Tower, Barge Mounted, Ringers and Derricks


P/M Hoist Applications

P/M Hoists, Material Only, Runways, Common Platforms, Set Backs


Mast Climbers

Structure Jacking/Lifting

Lifting, Weighing, RoRo




Standard Wall Access, Specialty, Suspended, Cable


Inspection and Testing

Strain Testing/Monitoring, Equipment Installation, Hoist Drop Test, Crane Load Test, Life-Line, Structure As-Builts, Structural Existing Condition Reporting


3rd Party Review

Independent review and reporting of Means, Methods and/or



Project Virtual Presentations

The power of our modeling software coupled with the same graphics softwares used by the movie industry enables us to assemble project presentations that impress!


Safe Load Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art equipment monitor safe load conditions anywhere in the world. Real-time or daily reports on a dedicated Safe-Health website. Condition alarms are sent to critical persons for immediate responders


Paint Containment

Structural Design, Enviromental Compliance, Health Monitoring

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